There are a lot of theories out there about what Jungkook’s tattoo means. Some say it’s a tribute to his late grandfather, while others believe it’s a symbol of his free spirit. But what does Jungkook himself say about the meaning behind his ink?

In an interview with Harper’s Bazaar, the BTS singer opened up about his body art, revealing that the tattoo is actually a representation of his life philosophy. “The tattoo on my arm says ‘ARMY’ in Korean. It stands for ‘Adorable Representative M.C. for Youth,'” he explained. “I got it done before our debut because I wanted to make a promise to myself and to the fans that I would always try to stay cute and adorable,” he continued.

“I think that’s important, especially for someone like me in the public eye.” So there you have it! Jungkook’s tattoo is a sweet and simple reminder to stay positive and to always appreciate the fans that support him.

Jungkook’s tattoo is a simple black line tattoo on his left forearm. The tattoo is in the shape of a wolf’s paw. The tattoo is said to represent Jungkook’s connection to his family and friends, as well as his love for music.

what does jungkook tattoo mean


What is written on Jungkook’s arm tattoo?

Jungkook’s tattoo is of the word “ARMY” written in all capital letters. This is in reference to his fan base, which he is very grateful for. The tattoo is located on his inner left arm, just below his elbow.

Why does Jungkook have a 13 tattoo?

Jungkook’s 13 tattoo is a symbol of his loyalty to the band BTS. The number 13 is significant to the band because it represents the number of members in the group. The tattoo is also a reminder to Jungkook of the bond he shares with his bandmates.

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What is Jungkook new tattoo?

As of May 2019, it appears that Jungkook has at least three tattoos. Two of them are on his arms, and one is on his wrist. The first tattoo is on his left arm and it says “ARMY” in all capital letters.

This is most likely a reference to his fans, who are collectively known as the “Army of Jungkook”. The second tattoo is on his right arm and it is a black and white rose. The rose is a symbol of beauty and love, so this tattoo might represent Jungkook’s appreciation for his fans’ support.

The third tattoo is on his wrist and it says “I AM”. This could be interpreted as a declaration of Jungkook’s self-identity, or it could simply be a reminder to stay positive and believe in oneself. Jungkook’s tattoos are all small and delicate, which reflects his gentle and kind personality.

He is definitely a tattooed K-pop idol to keep an eye on in the future!

On which hand Jungkook has tattoo right or left?

Hey everyone! In today’s post, we’ll be discussing which hand Jungkook has his tattoo on- the right or the left? As we all know, Jungkook is no stranger to tattoos.

He’s got a few of them, and they’re all pretty badass. But which hand does he have them on? Some people say that he has them on his right hand, while others say that he has them on his left hand.

So, which is it? Well, the answer may surprise you. It turns out that Jungkook actually has his tattoos on both of his hands!

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That’s right- he’s got them on both the right and the left. So, if you’re ever wondering which hand he has his tattoo on, the answer is both! Thanks for reading, and I hope this helped clear up which hand Jungkook has his tattoo on.

Jungkook´s Tattoos And All Of Their Meanings

How many tattoos does jungkook have

As of September 2020, Jungkook has seven tattoos. Jungkook’s first tattoo is of a black and white dragon on his right shoulder blade, which he got in 2016. The dragon represents his Chinese zodiac sign, and Jungkook has said that he got it because he’s “a dragon myself.”

In May 2018, Jungkook got two more tattoos: a small black bunny on his left wrist and a larger tattoo of a tiger on his right arm. The bunny tattoo is actually the logo of a clothing brand that Jungkook likes, and the tiger tattoo is a reference to a character in the Chinese novel Journey to the West. Jungkook’s fourth tattoo is of a sugar skull on his left arm, which he got in October 2018.

The sugar skull is a traditional Day of the Dead motif, and Jungkook has said that he got it because he likes the design. In March 2019, Jungkook got two more tattoos: a small black crown on his right wrist and a larger tattoo of a rose on his left arm. The crown tattoo is a reference to the story of Jungkook’s life, which he has said is “like a fairy tale.”

The rose tattoo is a reference to the song “Rose” by the Korean hip-hop group Epik High, which is one of Jungkook’s favorite songs.

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Most recently, in September 2020, Jungkook got a tattoo of a sparrow on his right arm. The sparrow tattoo is a reference to the Korean folktale “The Story of Simcheong,” which is about a blind girl who is helped by a sparrow.


Jungkook’s tattoo says “I’ll Protect You” in Korean. He got it in 2014 after he debuted with BTS. He has said that the tattoo is for his fans, and that he wants to protect them always.

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