The Sign Of Ninazu

moresign“We sacrificed sons and daughters in the fire, practiced divination and sought omens. We praised the holies of Kur and cursed the lords of Nix. We did much in the name of Ninazu and were rewarded with the Sigil and the Key.” Ana Harrani Sa Alaktasa La Tarat (Latin Translation


Written and produced by Al Bruno III
Production assistance by Brian Mansi
The voice of The Night Blogger is Brian Mansi
The voice of Sweet Jane is Donna Leonardy
The voice of the Man Called Corpse was Al Bruno III
The voice of Cousin Roy was Robert Goodfellow
“Night Blogger Theme” by Josh Bruno
“Sissy Man Blues” by Kokomo Arnold
“Hookworm Blues” by Blind Blake
“Sandstorm” by Rosie Lord
“Home pt1” by Rosie Lord