The Complete Credits (so far)

cool1400ocOqLvVby SA Hunt

Written by
Al Bruno III

Produced by
Al Bruno III and Brian Mansi

Production Assistance for ‘Burma Shave’ by
 Moosedup Narrations and Mr. Creepypasta

Production Assistance for ‘Innocent When You Dream’
by TheDevilsInterval

Production Assistance for Abaddon Ship by
Sir Ayme aka Aiko van Wingerden

Production for The Night Blogger Episode Twenty  by

by Mike Leonard

Season 1-2 Theme by
Josh Bruno

Season 3 Theme by
Nicolas Gasparini aka myuu

by Mike Leonard

Additional music by
The Rosielord
Phillip Chance
Daniel James Dolby
Scott Holmes
Kevin MacLeod
Daniel James Dolby

Featuring the songs
“Sissy Man Blues” by Kokomo Arnold
“Hookworm Blues” by Blind Blake

by Mike Leonard

The Night Blogger is Brian Mansi
Mike Whitehead is Mike Lehman
Sara Bishop was Amber Delima
Detective Bradshaw is David Cummings
Sweet Jane is Donna Leonardy
Cousin Roy is Ross Payton
Atwater is Barnabas Demios
Lee from ‘The Terror Files’ is Robert Cudmore
Carter Akley is Christopher Warren
Jasper Moradi is Sir Ayme aka Aiko van Wingerden
Tegan Blue is Joanna Gaskell
Ophelia Boggs is Addison Peacock
Operative Birman is Bob Goodfellow
Harker and Huld are Lem Stanley and Mike Faberkk
The voice of Slade Bail Bonds is Kayleigh Gilbert

by Andy Lee