Meet the Night Blogger

You don’t have to believe the stories on my blog, you can dismiss them as good hallucinations or bad fiction if you want to but they’re all true. The darkness was never empty, there are things that wait for the innocent and unwary to turn their backs. What is it you think I’m talking about here? Ghosts? Vampires? Ghouls? If only it were that simple. The creatures of the night are still out there but they’re not shadowing your every footstep. They just check your status updates from the comfort of their tombs.

All I ever wanted was to be a Do-It-Yourself style reporter but more often than I like I find myself becoming part of my stories. It turns out gods and monsters don’t like their secrets getting out any more than your standard politician or celebrity. We all know how this is going to turn out in the end; I’m already long overdue for jail, the looney bin or a guest of honor spot at a monster buffet but until that fateful day I’m not going to back down or give up.

6 thoughts on “Meet the Night Blogger

  1. Phillis says:

    I always spent my half an hour to read this website’s content everyday along with a cup of coffee.

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  2. Grant Richter says:

    I loved episode seven. The radio broadcast reminded me somewhat of a community radio station in a certain town somewhere out in a certain desert.

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  3. Robert Williams says:

    Recently found your podcast and have started in on it, loving what I have heard so far. That said, why are some of the episodes in a different audio format on Itunes? Not all devices can play the M4A file type, and thus I have come to a spot where I can’t listen to certain episodes. Listening on the website isn’t really an option, as my podcast listening time is on the way to work and back and therefore has to be done with my mobile device which can’t play the M4A file type. I really do not want to have to abandon this story because of something as simple as a file type. Help!

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  4. Velma says:

    Hey, I found your podcast through The Alexandria Archives and recognised your name from The Binder of Shame (gosh, they sound like forbidden tomes or something don’t they). Anyway, I just wanted to say that it’s great stuff and I’m thoroughly enjoying everything. I especially like the direction things have taken since about the second episode of The Sign of Ninazu – keep it up.

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  5. Pony says:

    Love the podcast and the blog post stories! Eagerly awaiting more. I’m keen to find out what happens with Brian and Jasper.

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