The Night Blogger Episode Twenty Two



Monster of the Week

Part Five

Thursday or The Cherub Rustler


This episode of the Night Blogger was produced by Brian Mansi and Al Bruno III

It was written by Al Bruno III

Additonal material by Bob Goodfellow


The voice of the Night Blogger was Brian Mansi

The voice of Jasper Moradi is Sir Ayme

The voice of Cousin Roy is Ross Payton

The voice of Detective Phillip Bradshaw is David Cummings

The voice of Operative Birman is Bob Goodfellow

The voices of Harker and Huld are Lem Stanley and Mike Faber

The voice of Slade Bail Bonds is Kayleigh Gilbert

And Dylan Doug as himself

Research assistance was by Adam Thaxton

The Night Blogger theme was by Nicolas Gasparini

Audio effects by: 10/1 effects, Mike Koenig, SoundEffectsArchive, Sound Effects Library, Royalty Free SFX, Dr. Sound effects, Sound Effects HD Indie Studios, Audio Productions, Ambience World, Free Sound, MasterSoundEffects, Sound Effects Relaxation, Nick Judy, Free Sound Effects, Free Sound Stock


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This episodes recommended book is The Fisherman


A proud member of the ESO Broadcasting Network just like;

The Earth Station One Podcast



Thanks for listening!

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