“An old friend has been dating someone for five years…today I found out they don’t exist” by lil_chilty

Let me just clarify what this is not. This is not the story of my friend lying to me for five years. This is not your run-of-the-mill case of cat-fishing, which I had suspected at first. This is something much bigger, and after today I’m genuinely scared for his life, as well as mine.

This friend, let’s call him Noah, was never great with girls. He’s kind of a “nice guy”, super awkward, and the only reason we were close for so long is because I came out to him as a lesbian sometime in 9th grade. Otherwise, there’s no doubt he would have tried to pursue me romantically. He was pretty desperate for love, up until when we were in our early twenties, five-ish years ago, before he met “her”.

I feel like it means nothing to say he was big into gaming, because who isn’t nowadays? Specifically, he was into these like…Facebook fantasy games. I don’t even know what they are exactly. I think they’re like shit quality RPGs that people play for free if they can’t afford to subscribe to World of Warcraft. I used to get game requests from him every day, luckily you can just block those so I did…

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