The World of the Night Blogger: The Nine Rebel Sermons


“People rarely get the messiah they expect or the salvation they deserve.” – From the Sermon of the First Day. (1958 Baldwin Press Edition)

“The Nine Rebel sermons were written by Father Bartholomew Tiggle, founder of the Unified Church of the Divine Muldvarp. The Muldvarpians as they were called, were active in the mining city of Gloria Foramen from 930 to 972 and were known for their rejection of the ecclesiastical hierarchy, early embrace of concepts normally associated with Renaissance-era Manichaeism and their firmly held belief that Jesus was fathered by a faceless albino salamander from the center of the Earth…” –Jasper Moradi, the Sacred Wit Podcast (Episode 40)

“Interdum EGO sentio Ego got
Ego obtinuit ad fugiendum
Apage te a dolore agitare in animo de me
Amor participes sumus,
Ut nusquam videtur,
Et Ego perdidi Illuminatio Mea
Non enim dormiunt nocte replebor doloribus…” – From the Sermon of the Second Day (Original Text)

“…in the summer of 927 an army of mercenaries in the employ of the Holy See surrounded the city of the Gloria Foramen and demanded the Muldvarpians renounce their heretical beliefs. If they swore allegiance to the One True Church they would all be spared. They were given ten days to comply. Instead of giving in the Muldvarpians began a period of fasting and prayer, and on the morning of each of those days Bartholomew Tiggle shouted a sermon from atop the tallest building of the city. A trio of Papal Inquisitors had been sent along with the army to make a record of the event, they took down every word he said. Each one of those sermons was more blasphemous than the last, so blasphemous in fact that the Inquisitors ordered the mercenaries to attack a day early rather than be subjected to any more….”-Jasper Moradi, the Sacred Wit Podcast (Episode 40)

“Thgil fled from his burning house. He was barefoot and clothed only in his loincloth. Thgil no longer knew where the blood of loved ones began and the blood of their murderers ended. Everywhere there was smoke and screams. A ragged shape charged at Thgil, brandishing a club and howling. One swing from the old sword brought Thgil’s attacker down. The second tore a long, deep wound in the man’s chest. More blood stained Thgil, this time it puddled at his bare feet and ran in thick rivulets along the cobblestone road. Thgil watched the man die, then and forgave him…” -From the Sermon of the Third Day (1958 Baldwin Press Edition)

“…once Gloria Foramen and its citizens had been reduced to ashes the Inquisitors returned and presented their transcriptions to the Pope. In the end there were a lot of things John XII didn’t understand about it all but what he found most perplexing of all was that each Inquisitor’s transcription of Father Tiggles’s words was radically different than the others. In the end they decided to blame it all on the Devil and consign the ‘Nine Rebel Sermons’ to a place deep within the Vatican’s secret archives…” -Jasper Moradi, the Sacred Wit Podcast (Episode 40)

“Γεννήθηκα στο βαγόνι μιας επίδειξης ταξιδιού
Η μαμά μου συνήθιζε να χορεύει για τα χρήματα που έπαιρνε
Ο Παπά θα έκανε ό, τι μπορούσε
Κηρύξτε ένα μικρό ευαγγέλιο, πουλάτε ένα ζευγάρι μπουκάλια του γιατρού καλές

Τσιγγάνικα, αδέσποτα και κλέφτες
Θα το ακούσουμε από τους ανθρώπους της πόλης
Θα μας τηλεφωνούσαν τσιγγάνους, αδέσποτα και κλέφτες
Αλλά κάθε βράδυ όλοι οι άνδρες θα έρθουν γύρω
Και βάλτε τα χρήματά τους κάτω…” -From the Sermon of the Fourth Day (Greek Text)

“…it should have ended there, but a less than a month after the fall of Gloria Foramen Pope John XII was dead, widely accepted story was that he was killed by the jealous husband of one of his many lovers but some sources claim the Earth cracked open under his feet and he was swallowed whole….” -Jasper Moradi, the Sacred Wit Podcast (Episode 40)

latex -From the Sermon of the Fifth Day (1958 Baldwin Press Edition)

“…a year later bound editions of Tiggle’s words began to circulate through Europe, no one knows the source. Of course they were suppressed but five copies survived, they were translated into Greek and Luxembourgish and given footnotes, appendices and an a series of mind-bendingly complex algebraic equations, in fact this supplemental material was so extensive that it was thirteen times the length of the actual sermons. In 1958 Baldwin Press released an English edition, only a few dozen got out into the world before agents of the federal government sized all of Baldwin Press’s holdings and charged the owners of being in the employ of a foreign power…” -Jasper Moradi, the Sacred Wit Podcast (Episode 40)

“It was all overseen by Thgil. Thgil was a study in contradictions. On one hand he was the messiah. On the other hand he was blind, beddridden and prone to fits of uncontrollable drooling. A pair of Rectors from the Second Circle attended the venerable old Maestro; two Preceptors of the Third Circle attended them each in turn. Those members of the Third circle had brought along a retinue of eight Deans from the Fourth Circle and each of those Deans had a pair of Sub-deans from the Fifth Circle to accompany them. Each of them translated Elymas’ burbled wisdom in the own way…” –From the Sermon of the Sixth Day (1961 Unauthorized Bee-Line Books Edition.)

“The release and subsequent repression of the Baldwin Press edition led to a scramble for other, less reputable publishers to try and capitalize on it. For instance Bee-Line Books, a publishing house for pornography, created their own version from an incomplete copy of the translator’s notes. As to whether they got those notes before or after the translator was found dead from extreme hypothermia in his Florida apartment is up for debate…” -Jasper Moradi, the Sacred Wit Podcast (Episode 40)

“Wann et net fir Katarakt-Eye Yossef gewiesselt gouf ech war eng laang Zäit bestuet. Wou hutt Dir komm, wou hutt Dir goen? Wou hutt Dir komm, Katarakt-Eye Yossef? Hien huet Katastrophen iwwerall hänke gelooss. D’Häerzer vun de Meeder war an d’Häll, brécht, geschéckt. Si hunn alleguer fortgelaf, fir datt et kee weess. A verloosse nëmmen Männer vu Cataract-Eye Yossef. Wann et net fir Katarakt-Eye Yossef gewiesselt gouf ech war eng laang Zäit bestuet. Wou hutt Dir komm, wou hutt Dir goen? Wou hutt Dir komm, Katarakt-Eye Yossef? Hien huet Katastrophen iwwerall hänke gelooss. D’Häerzer vun de Meeder war an d’Häll, brécht, geschéckt. Si hunn alleguer fortgelaf, fir datt et kee weess. A verloosse nëmmen Männer vu Cataract-Eye Yossef. Wann et net fir Katarakt-Eye Yossef gewiesselt gouf Ech war eng laang Zäit bestuet. Wou hutt Dir komm, wou hutt Dir goen? Wou hutt Dir komm, Katarakt-Eye Yossef?” -From the Sermon of the Seventh Day (Luxembourgish Text)

“Another version of the ‘Nine Rebel Sermons’ was never in print at all. In 1977 it was released in an audio version recorded onto a series of 102 hour-long reel to reel tapes. Each tape has a different reader, only one of which has ever been possibly identified. That reader was supposedly Elizabeth Short, who had been gruesomely murdered in the ‘Black Dahlia’ case some thirty years previously. Unlikely I know but Phoebe Mae Short was very insistent that she was hearing the voice of her daughter…” -Jasper Moradi, the Sacred Wit Podcast (Episode 40)

“Here Metatron and Thgil held the victims, while I drew my sharp sword from beside my thigh, and dug a pit of a cubit’s length this way and that, and around it poured a libation to all the Dero, first with milk and jewels, thereafter with the bones of giants, and in the third place with shards of copper, and I sprinkled thereon white barley meal. And I earnestly entreated the Lords of the Great Below, vowing that when I came to Capernaum I would sacrifice in my halls the swine things, and pile the altar with goodly gifts, and to Ninazu alone would sacrifice the eldest of the Nine Sisters. But when with vows and prayers I had made supplication to the tribes of Ubb, I took the victims and cut their throats over the pit, and the dark blood ran forth…” -From the Sermon of the Eighth Day (1977 Audio Version: Tape#65)

“Most recently Mantong Periodicals Edition attempted to produce their own version working from an copy of the Luxembourgian text, a print run of 2,000 copies were produced in China but errors in formatting and typesetting left this version practically unreadable. Mantong Periodicals filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy shortly afterwards. However there are some scholars out there that believe this 2004 edition is the closet to Father Bartholomew Tiggle’s original intent..” -Jasper Moradi, the Sacred Wit Podcast (Episode 40)

“B͞ȩ̕t͘wee͘n ̧̛̀t̴h̸̸̀e̶̕ ̵̢m̡͡e̴͢n̨̛h҉ir̡͡s ̵̸f͘͠lo҉w̸͘e̴̕͜d͡͏ a̴͘͞ ̢͢͝d̴a҉́rḱ͞ ̴͝t̴҉id̴̵e̵͞ ̶̧̛ǫ͠f̵͡ ̸s̴̢had͟ò̶ẁ͜s͡,̸͞ ̸u͜ǹ͢s̀͡t̨̀a̡b̶l̕͢e ̴̀a͟҉n̶̷d́͟ ͘c҉̛ha͜͠o̵t̵̨̛i̶̶͟c̵͡.̕͝ ̡T͟he̶͡҉ ͏̧́R͜i̢n̴̕g̶ ̵͟҉fi̕l̴l҉̸̸e͜d̴ ẁ̀͘ith҉ ̷͞ģ̷l̴̀͡i͢͝t̕̕t̛è̡r̴i̴͝͏nģ̸͟ ̶͞ę̛͜y̡͏͞e͠s̛͜ ̷̨́w̸̛ḩ͏i̷͢c̵h̢͏ ͘͟h̵o͝v̢eŗ̸e͡d̴̢͟ ̶͡b̨ey̶ó́n͟d͞ ̀t̸͞h͞e͟ ̶͝d̸̛i̛m̸̢҉ ̛͞i̸ĺ̷l̛u̸̧͡s͝i͢v̶e͏̕ ̴ć͏ir҉ćl̵̡é͟ ̡͞ò̕f͟ ̡͞i̴̸͡l̴l͠u̸̧m̛i̢͢n͡a̧̛t͢io̷͢͝ǹ̢̀ ҉c̕a̷̴̸s͟ţ͘ ̷̨b̢̡y̢ ̸ţh̢e͘͜ ̧̧̀ph̵͞o̕sphor͝͝e͏s͟c̡e̵̡n̴͘t͢ ͢͢ą̵lt́͘ar̸..͞..̸͢͜ ̢̨͠H̷̷͢e̸ ̧͢s͏t̡͘r͏͢a̕͞i͟͠͞n҉̢́ed̀͏҉ ͘͟h̸͢i̴̛s ̸͘͞e͏̸̕ỳ̶è̢̛s͘,̸͠ ̨́t͏r͘ỳin̸g̸̨ ͡tơ̕ m̢̕ą̕k̢͘͢e͠ o̷̕ư̧ţ t̀̀h͟e̢̛ ̛s͢h͏҉á̛p̵͜è̢s͏͝͞ ̧̕o͠f̨̀ ̵t̶͡h͜o̴̕se̷̵ ̕͠ẁ̶҉h̨o̕҉ ̢̢̨ri͟n͢g͞e͟͡͞d̸͏̷ ̸̨͠ḩ̨͠i͟m̀͠. B͡͝͡ù͘t̀͜͝ ͝he ̨gli̛͜m̶̕p̧s̶̀e̵̢d͟ ̸ò̢͝nļ̕͞y҉̧ ̛b͘͠į́̀l҉l͞o͏̴͏w҉i̡ņg̀ ͘ḿ͡as̵śe͞s͟͞ ̴҉̷o͏f͠ ̸͘͝s͠ha̛͟͞d͟͞o͏̶w̸̶̴ wh̷i̸c͘ḩ̡̡ ̕h͘͢͝e̵àv̴͡ed ́̀a҉nḑ́͠ ͝͝w͞ri̢t̷͜͟h̴̵͢é͝d̸͝͠ ̧̧a̴̴n̨d̷̢ ̧s̛q̸͟ư͜i͠rm̛͘e̶d͢ ̢w̴i̕t͡h̛ al͡m̨͘o͠st̴̴ f̴̧lu̷i͏̸d̴҉ c̶̕o͘ǹ͢s̸͘i̧͠s̶̶̢t́͞e̴͠n̵̡c҉̶y.͞.̷͝.̛.̵̡ ̡O̷̧n̡͢e ̡́s̛̕͢e͡g̵m̷͘e͝n̡͝t̴̵͠ ͞͝of͜ ͜t̡́he ̸̶m̡͡as͏s̴͟͝ ҉d̸́͟e̴̶͜t̴̡͏a͞҉c͠͏h̨͜ed ́͢͢i̡t̢͟s͡è̢̛l̵̛͜f̀͘ ͡͏f̴́̕ǫ̴r a͞ǹ̨ ̕͢͠i̷͠ǹ̕͞s͏̕t̸á̴ń̡ţ͟ ̧͏a̧͢͡nd̢͝҉ Thgil c̢̢͞r̶̨̛i̴̛ed͏ ͞o̸u͏̀t̀͢ ̨̧̡i͢n̨ ̢f̛̛ier҉̶̛c̸̵͜e͜͏ ̢̀͞r͢e̵vu͏ĺ̶s҉i͜o̵̸n͠҉,̷͘ ҉th̶͟o̶u͝͝g̡͠h̶ ̨͟h̡͞e c͠aư̧͘ght̶҉ ͜o͠͞n͏ļ͝y ̢͜͞a̡͞ f̵l͘͟e̸e̷t҉ì̵̕n҉̛͢g̡ ͜͝g̕l̛͜i̵̶̶m̸͢͠p͜͡s̢͞ę̵͢ òf̡̨͠ ̶̡th̢̀͞e̡ ͢t̸̕h̷͘̕í̷́n̶͢g,̡̕͡ h́͠á̢͢d̕͏͘ ̡̡͢o̴ņ̵͝l҉y̨͟ ̸ą̛ ̴̨b̸r̢̀i̴̛̕e҉̷f͡ ̶͡i͞m̛͏҉pŗ́ę̶ss͘io̵҉n ͡o͞f̴͞ ͜a̧͏͜ ͏̸b̶͞roa̛d͘ ̷̨҉s̷̀́t̛r̴̵a͟͠n̡̨g̸e͢l͏҉y̡͟͞ ̀f̷͟͞l̸͞a̵̸͝t̷̷̸t̢̀e̴̷n̡ed ̶ḩea҉̶͟d, pe̴̡͠n͢҉͝du̕͡͡ļ͞͡ou̢̢s͟ ͝w̸͜r҉̛i̧t̸̢h҉́i̷ng̴̨ ́l̸i̛͡p̶s̢ ̧t̡hà̴t ͏͏b̕a͞͠red̴̷͜ ̷c̨u̷r͢v҉̢̀e͘͜͟d̢̨ ̧͢p͟o͞í̧n͘͜t̨͘͡e҉d̴ f̀á̶͞n̡͜g̡͝͠ş̷͏,͡ ̨a̴͠nd̛͘ ͠a͜͢ ̸h́҉̷i̷̷͟d̨͢eǫ͠ùś͞l̀y̛͢͠ ̸mi̡s͢͟s̵h̵͡ap̨̡e͢n̴̸,͢ ̢d͟ẁ͘ą͡r̢f̶҉ish̵ ́b̕o̶͟dy̵͠ ̡t̀h͟a̵̢̧t̴͢͝ ͜҉se͞e͞m͢͠e͏d͜͝͞—̢͜m̶̕͠o̴̵͝t̵̡͘tl̵͜e̡d̶̀—̛͠͏a͜l̡l͡͞ ͝͏s̀̕e̡̛͞t ́o͠f̴̨͞f̵҉̀ b̷͜͠y͠ ̨t̢h̷͘͝o̵s̨̧͞e҉̕ ̵҉ų́n͡wí͞n̷͡k̡͘͜i̧͝n̨g͏ ̀͢r̵e̡͝p҉t̡͢͡i̕͟l̨͝ì̴̀a͟͟͝n̛̕͞ ̶̕͞e̴ye͘͘s̕͟҉.̶͘͟ ͞G͏od̵s̴̵!—͜͞͝t̵͏hé̸͞ mý͟t̢̀͢h̡͠s͡ ̢h҉͜a̶̢͞d͜͝ ͏p҉reṕa̧r̴̛͠e̛d́ ̧͝͞h͘͝i̷͏m̡ ̴̛for̵ ̀͢͠h͘o̵͞͠r̛͏ŕ̷͜or͠ i͞n͞ ̵̕͝h͟u҉̴̢m̴a̵n̷͘ ̴ą͏spe͘c̢t̛,͠ h̸͢o̸̵̢r̵̢͡r͘o̷͟ŗ̸ ͠i͡͞͝n̡du͏̨c̨e̢d̵́ ͘b͘͠y b̧̕e͘͝s͏ţ̴i͘͞a̡̡l̛͘͢ ̶̨v͠i̴̕s̀̕̕a̶͝g̸e̛͢͝ ̕͠a͟҉́n̢̛d͠͠ ̨͜s͜͟t̀͟͏u͢͠n҉̧͢t͜͜e̷d̴ d͟ef̷͠or͝m̵͘i̧͜͝ty̨̕—͜͢b҉̵́u̕̕t͟ ̨t̕h̢i̵͞s̡ ͜͜w̵͝҉a͏̀s͜ ҉̀t͡h̛e͘ ̷h͘͢o̸ŗr̶̛o̴̧͠r̛͜ ̷of̵̨ ni̕g̵͟h̨tm̡̧͜are̷̢ à̵n̵͡d́ ͏th̡҉̴e̡̨ ͏́n͞i̡g͢h̀̀t̢.̷.҉.̵̧.͟͏ ̷͘-“ -From the Sermon of the Ninth Day (2004 Mantong Periodicals Edition)

“My opinion of the Nine Rebel Sermons? It’s the heaviest book I’ve never read.” -Brian Foster

My Best Friend Was a Mermaid by Dopabeane

The summer before I started school, my mom was hospitalized for an extraordinarily high-risk pregnancy. My dad was pulling double shifts to keep us afloat, which meant no one had time to take care of me.

So they shipped me to my aunt’s house a thousand miles away.

I was excited at first. I was obsessed with the idea of adventure. A real adventure with magical creatures and quests. Maybe this trip would be the catalyst to just such an adventure.

By the time we reached my aunt’s enormous and breathtakingly beautiful mountain property, I fully believed I was about to embark on my very own fairy tale.

The fairy tale dissipated when my father drove away the next morning. I watched his car disappear, trying not to cry and failing miserably.

When you are six years old, a day feels like a week. A day with strangers feels twice as long, especially when the strangers aren’t kind.

Aunt Charlotte didn’t particularly care for my mother and by extension, didn’t particularly care for me. Nor did her children; Charles and Alan loved nothing more than scaring me to death with stories of serial killers and child-drowning ghosts. They also made it extraordinarily clear that I ranked far below them in the family hierarchy…

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