Sick as a dog the last week or so…

Since Tuesday it has gone like this;

1.) Cold

2.) 30 minute nosebleed

3.) ER visit

4.) BP of 250/160 (Apparently this is bad.)

5.) Mucho medicines.

6.) Deep painful cough develops.

7.) I find I can cough and fart at the same time. (Is that a superpower?)

8.) Back to the doctor to be given codeine.

9.) Take codeine. Discover I am allergic to said medicine and retch wildly.

10.) Decide I am going to have to drop a bonus episode, which I keep in reserve for emergencies like this.

So that’s where are today. Sorry the latest episode of ‘Monster of the Week’ is delayed.

Please enjoy this episode and Patreons, be assured you will not be charged for it.

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They Are They Have Been They Will Be – A Night Blogger Bonus Episode


We don’t need another Dero.
Listen here.

They Are They Have Been They Will Be – A Night Blogger Bonus Episode


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