MONSTER OF THE WEEK PART TWO: Tuesday or Night of the Gazillion Garys



Monster of the Week

Part Two

Tuesday or Night of the Gazillion Garys


This episode of the Night Blogger was produced by Brian Mansi and Al Bruno III


It was written by Al Bruno III


The voice of the Night Blogger is Brian Mansi

The voice of Jasper Moradi is Sir Ayme

The voice of Atwater  Barnabas Deimos


Research assistance was by Adam Thraxton

The Night Blogger theme was by Nicolas Gasparini


Audio effects by:, SoundBible, BlastwaveFx, Nino Scuderi, LibriVox, Sound Effects Factory, millepassi, Jojikiba, Cherrypop6537, BerlinAtmospheres, srehog, Sound Effects by Paul, esperar, Setuniman, Freeify Music, Audio Decor Sound Effects, Free Sound Effect, HowItSounds, copyrighy free sound-effect, Starvolt, Audio Enabled, Sound Effects HD Indie Studios, Matthew Fisher, The Hollywood Edge Sound Effects Library, Halloween Sound Effects, soundfxforfree, lonemonk, Robin Hood 76, Sergio81, Distorted Room, Jojikiban, What Does It Sound Like?, Knarzen, PlanetJazzBass, SyentifikFilms, Cameron Music, Tabletop Audio, InuitInuasASMRations, Misc Soundz, All Sounds, The Hollywood Edge Sound Effects Library,  Sound Ideas, Audio Productions, Sound Effects, n Beats, Morgentau, Sound Mods


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A proud member of the ESO Broadcasting Network


The Night Blogger is licensed under a Creative Commons Licence.


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