Hiatus Hijinks #5: ‘The Man That Ate Newborns’ and ‘The D&D Session That Mostly Wasn’t’


Hiatus Hijinks #5

Hope you are enjoying these!

This episode features;

The Man That Ate Newborns

(DerSchlankerMan version)

The D&D Session That Mostly Wasn’t

Written by Ab3 (aka Al Bruno III)
Mixed by Ross Payton

Performed by RPPR

Edited by Chris Farmer

Ab3 – Chris Farmer

Weasly Crusher – Ross Payton

Blobert Smith – Ross Payton

El Disgusto – Tom Church

Deviant Boy – Patrick Seth Williams

Old Yellowbelly – David Norman

Collateral Darren – Jason Ariciu

Police Officer #1 – Karee Kimple

Police Officer #2 – David Norman

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Lee is prepared to sprinkle a bit of fiction into his reporting to keep things lively.

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