“Surama, also known as the Favored One, Son of Grootsland, the old Man of Irem, the Repairer of Reputations and a dozen other nicknames that would have made a comic book writer blush.”– Brian Foster

“…a man of great intelligence and seemingly inexhaustible erudition, was as morbidly lean as the Thibetan servants; with swarthy, parchment-like skin drawn so tightly over his bald pate and hairless face that every line of the skull stood out in ghastly prominence—this death’s-head effect being heightened by lustrelessly burning black eyes set with a depth which left to common visibility only a pair of dark, vacant sockets…” – the Quiet Senator: a Biography of James Dalton (Theobald & Danziger)

“It was seven  years ago. I was part of a group doing a survey of the some Himalayan  sky tombs. It took us three days to reach the site on the east side of Mount Kailash but he was already there. We had quite a spot of bother with him.”– Jasper Moradi

“Tall stones rose into the night
Clawed at the stars
He who is favored of Yubb
Stepped between the stones
Where secret nations bleed and dream
With a tally of our sins”–  Ancient Cretian Dirge


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