The Night Blogger Episode 10 – So many guest stars so little time!


Episode Ten
In which Brian Foster gets the message

The Night Blogger was written and produced by Al Bruno III

Production assistance by Brian Mansi
The voice of the Night Blogger is Brian Mansi
Music by Josh Bruno

Additional audio samples from: the public domain horror film ‘Messiah of Evil’ and the Librivox recording of ‘The Mysterious Stranger’

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A friend of mine found this manuscript next to a corpse in the Parisian catacombs. by phoenix_flies

A friend of mine is an urban explorer. He goes to some weird-ass places. He’s done Chernobyl, toured abandoned shopping centres and theme parks across the world. Technically, he’s committing crimes a lot of the time, although he sees them as victimless – he’s only putting himself at risk by going to these places – so to play safe he wants to stay anonymous for this…

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