Druagga Thrall of Mormo


“Hearken to my voice, oh Dark One. Ancient and awful, supreme in artifice, bearer of power, I conjure thee. Be present here at my command and truly do my will.  Aba, abara, agarbara, gad, gadoal, galdina!  Erus saw bmal eht tnew yram taht, erehwyreve dna, wons sa etihw saw eceelf sti, bmal elttila dah yram! Eoh, eoh, Druagga!  By the power of earth, by the power of air, by the power of fire eternal and the waters of the deep, I conjure thee and charge thee Druagga Arise, arise at my command, Druagga! Druagga!” – the Magister’s Prayer (from the memoirs of  Professor William Sebastian)

“Who knows where he obtained that PDF file of that blasphemous ancient scroll? Who knows where he found a bone from a saint and the tears of a jackal? I mean let’s be honest here, even Amazon.com has its limits. However he did it, once he had all the spell components together he locked himself in his apartment at 233 Parkwood Towers and, once he’d properly defiled himself, began the dark chant to summon Druagga the Possessor, thrall of Mormo.”Atwater

“. . . they take counsel . . . aeons . . . that are dead . . . the great aeons of incorruptibility.  And they go to Druagga.  They go in to the powers, accusing the great ones who are in their glory.”– the Second Apocalypse of Timothy

“The case of Druagga, Thrall of Mormo is a perplexing one. It is mentioned in the Second Apocalypse of Timothy. For those of you unfamiliar with this gnostic text it was discovered in 1946 in an excavation site in the city of Thebes. Reports from the archaeological team stated that this was the most well preserved document of it’s kind. Unfortunately the book, as well as the entire team of scholars and workers, were lost during a violent sandstorm. All that remains of their find are photographs of the first, eleventh and seventy-second pages.” – Jasper Moradi (‘Theology To Theosophy Podcast’ episode twelve)

Muldwych After Dark


“The voice on the radio was a woman’s, it was full of lunacy and wisdom in equal amounts.”-Brian Foster

“This is Sweet Jane coming from you from atop Chamber’s Peak. It’s been a busy day here in our five sided town, so let’s get right to the news. Rumors continue to fly that our incoming Mayor is actually a superhero with the proportionate strength of a flea but a lawyer for Mayor-elect Timothy Knight insists that this is simply not true and that his client just happens to enjoy drinking  blood.”– Sweet Jane ‘Muldwych After Dark’ January 29, 2012

“The station that broadcasts Muldwych After Dark has no call sign and there is no town of Muldwych Corners on any map. The show normally discusses local events and insane unworkable theories on about the unending chain of linked cosmos-atoms which makes up the immediate super-cosmos of curves, angles, and material and semi-material electronic organization.”-Brian Foster

“Don’t forget to check out the new frozen custard stand over by Hanson Square. If their strawberry sundaes don’t snap you out of your post holiday blues you can head right over to the recently renovated Lethal Chamber.”– Sweet Jane ‘Muldwych After Dark’ October 10, 2015

“Sometimes I’m sure the whole thing is a put on, some kind of prank put together by a cabal of ham radio operators and performance artists. But other times, other times I listen and believe every word I am hearing.”– Brian Foster

“I would like to remind all of you out there that we are still under martial law until local authorities can find a way to deal with the shoggoth that was accidentally summoned by last week’s community theater production of MacBeth.”– Sweet Jane ‘Muldwych After Dark’ March 3, 2016

“Another recording of Muldwych After Dark has come my way, this time the transmission was caught by a SETI monitoring station during a routine sweep of the Haydes star cluster. Once I clean up the audio I am going to send it your way. Get this Brian, she’s talking about you.”– Bunny Joe

“Warning! Objects on your radio are closer than they appear.” – Sweet Jane ‘Muldwych After Dark’ April 1, 2015

The Night Blogger Podcast Episode Eleven


Episode Eleven
A trailer park, a dinner date and a fistful of invoices.

The Night Blogger was written and produced by Al Bruno III

Production assistance by Brian Mansi

The voice of the Night Blogger is Brian Mansi

Music by Josh Bruno

Additional music by Philip Chance

Audio effects by: Freesound.org, SoundBible, BlastwaveFx, Nino Scuderi, LibriVox, Sound Effects Factory, millepassi, Jojikiba, Cherrypop6537, BerlinAtmospheres, srehog, Sound Effects by Paul, esperar, Setuniman, Freeify Music, Audio Decor Sound Effects, Free Sound Effect, HowItSounds, copyrighy free sound-effect, Starvolt, Audio Enabled, Sound Effects HD Indie Studios, Matthew Fisher, The Hollywood Edge Sound Effects Library, Halloween Sound Effects, soundfxforfree, lonemonk, Robin Hood 76


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