“Barghest, also spelled Barguest, or Bargest, in folklore of northern England (especially Yorkshire), a monstrous, goblin dog, with huge teeth and claws, that appears only at night. It was believed that those who saw one clearly would die soon after, while those who caught only a glimpse of the beast would live on, but only for some months. The Demon of Tidworth, the Black Dog of Winchester, the Padfoot of Wakefield, and the Barghest of Burnley are all related apparitions. Their Welsh counterparts were red-eyed Gwyllgi, the Dog of Darkness, and Cwn Annwn, the Dogs of Hell. In Lancashire the monster was called Trash, Skriker, or Striker; its broad, sometimes backward-pointing feet made a splashing noise, and it howled horribly. In East Anglia, where it was thought to be amphibious, the dog had only one eye and was known as Black Shuck, or Shock. It was called Mauthe Doog on the Isle of Man. The Manchester Barghest was said to be headless.” – Encyclopedia Britannica 

“1,000 years mankind has waited
1,000 years since you were chained in the bowels of Hell
1,000 years since those who called themselves blessed defeated you
And now your time has come again
We have prepared
We have followed the law
We yearn for you
We lust for you
Send your demon
Send your son
Send your seed
Send your beast.”
– Summoning of the Barghest (Beswick translation.)

“In the Dungeons & Dragons fantasy roleplaying game, the barghest (/bɑːrˈɡɛst/ bar-gest) is a type of fictional monster. The barghest is portrayed as a goblin-like creature that comes from the plane of Gehenna to feed on humans. These evil creatures can change form to appear as a dog or wolf, or a large goblin at will. The barghest was introduced in The Dragon magazine, and then the first edition Advanced Dungeons & Dragons game’s original Monster Manual II, and then continued to appear in the game’s second edition, third edition, and fourth edition.” -Barghest (Dungeons & Dragons) Wikipedia.

“…a creature of another world and another time according to those who believe. It’s a demon who appears in the form of a dog. It’s a monstrous thing, a goblin dog with huge teeth and claws. Monstrous. It only appears at night. The demon dog, the black dog, the dog of darkness, sometimes he runs with backward-pointed feet. Sometimes he is ablaze. Sometimes he is headless, but even a glimpse of the beast in his true form will send a man to a hell.”– Devil Dog: The Hound of Hell by Steven and Elinor Karpf.

“It’s eyes burned, it’s teeth shone in the moonlight. This was a barghest- too much an animal to be a demon, too much a demon to be an animal.” – Brian Foster