“…and the horror that we found inside cured me forever of all sun lit planets. These devilish abandondero [sic] had a meat market in the lower floors, filled with human flesh; and a pile of choice cuts I saw was composed mainly of Atlan girl breasts! These dero things were cannibals and lived off immortal Atlan flesh!” I Remember Lemuria! by Richard Sharpe Shaver

“They DWELL in cities beneath the EARTH. The Menninkäinen who service a CRUEL and BLOATED queen Ubb. For GENERATIONS they are silent until the time of CRAWLING begins.” -The Atlas of Grendel (Professor Debora Moore translation)

“…The Shaver Mystery concerned a race of mal-formed subhuman creatures called deros (from detrimental robots) who inhabited a vast system of underground cities all over the world. The original name of their habitat was Lemuria, and they had once been slaves of the Lemurian master race. But the master race had long since disappeared from the earth, leaving the ignorant and malicious deros in control of the great cities and wonderful machines it had built. Since then the deros occupied themselves mainly in persecuting the human race who lived on the crust of the earth above them.” -Life Magazine May 21, 1951 issue

“It’s not safe at all… Because of the Deros…. If they find you they’ll suck your blood dry.” -The Stranger From Afar by Takashi Shimizu and Chiaki Konaka

“…nowadays most people now believe Richard Sharpe Shaver was nothing more than paranoid schizophrenic with one Hell of a literary agent. Still though, there’s something about the name ‘Deros’ that just feels right.” – Brian Foster

“No laughing matter now, these ugly dwarfs! They were dero, children of dero, enslaved in some manner by the derodite master who sought the death of all Mu! And the very fact of it brought home to me the greatness of the menace we were beginning to fight…” -I Remember Lemuria! by Richard Sharpe Shaver

“What if they aren’t evil? What if they just don’t give a shit?” -Bunny Joe From the Fear And Truth message board