Ana Harrani Sa Alaktasa La Tarat


“The slim folio was by some four hundred years old and in spectacular shape. I began to leaf through the book and nodded sagely at each bit of exquisite text and elaborate diagram. The further I made my way along the more and more distorted the text of the volume became. By the time I was five or six pages from the end the letters and symbols had become an unrecognizable mess.” – Brian Foster

“We sacrificed sons and daughters in the fire, practiced divination and sought omens. We praised the holies of Kur and cursed the lords of Nix. We did much in the name of Ninazu and were rewarded with the Sigil and the Key.” -Ana Harrani Sa Alaktasa La Tarat (Translated by Jasper Moradi directly from the original text.)

“Hail to the guardians of the beacons of the east, the powers of sky and steel. Hear me! Us! Hear us! Hail to the guardians of the beacons of the south, powers of flame and flesh. Hear us! Hail to the guardians of the beacons of the west, powers of depth and divination, hear us! Hail to the guardians of the beacons of the north, by the powers of creation and cosmos. Hear us! Aid us on the eve of our battle. guardian of the line, the cross and the curve, show us your glory, show us your power! We pray of thee, we pray of thee. We invoke thee! Oh scourge of Nix, hear our calls! Hear our prayers! Lost and wise one, teach us thy ways. We summon and stir thee! Lend us your powers. Show us your glory! We invoke thee, we invoke thee, we invoke thee! Ninazu!” -Ana Harrani Sa Alaktasa La Tarat (Aleister Crowley translation.)

“With a grain of salt. A brave man may fall but he cannot yield. To err is human. The wolf may change his skin but not his nature. Truth is mighty and will prevail. External actions show internal secrets. Remember when life’s path is steep to keep your mind even. The loss that is not known is no loss at all. Heavy thunder. With a grain of salt. A brave man may fall but he cannot yield. By fruit, not by leaves, judge a tree. A madman believes all others mad. Who repents from sinning is almost innocent.”– Ana Harrani Sa Alaktasa La Tarat (Poelzig Publishing Expurgated translation.)

Cousin Roy

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“My cousin Roy Foster Jr was the kind of guy that could turn a simple sowing of oats into an accidental burning of bridges but  the chubby, balding, almost forty year old man was the only family I had left. I am not one to believe in a benevolent higher power but, if there is a God that looks out for idiots and small children, Roy must keep him very, very busy”. – Brian Foster

“I work at a hellhole, they’re all idiots. The girls are skanks. The other bartenders are losers, and the only good thing about the boss is that she pays me under the table. None of that Social Security bullshit.” -Cousin Roy