The Sign Of Ninazu part five

Because sometimes you have to risk a beating to get a clue.


The Night Blogger was written and produced by Al Bruno III

Production assistance by Brian Mansi

The voice of the Night Blogger is Brian Mansi

The voice of the Cousin Roy was Robert Goodfellow

“Night Blogger Theme” by Josh Bruno

“Sissy Man Blues” by Kokomo Arnold

“Hookworm Blues” by Blind Blake

Audio Effects by users supersnd, gyzhor, bulbastre, klankbeeld, differentieel, Bendthebasics, Kyster. Bpayri, mmaruska, pauliep, jackstrebor, shall555, erocshadow, setuniman, untradust, missozzy, conleec, hannagreen, darius-kedros, ramston, frankum and ceich93

Nino Scuderi

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