I saw this and my jaw dropped

Be a clown,
Be a clown,
All the world loves a clown
Act the fool, play the calf
And you’ll always have the last laugh,
Wear the cap and the bells
And you’ll rate with all the great swells,
If you become a doctor, folks’ll face you with dread,
If you become a dentist, they’ll be glad when you’re dead,
You’ll get a bigger hand if you can stand on your head.
Be a clown, be a clown, be a clown!

Burma Shave – A Night Blogger Bonus Episode

A meditation upon a scrapyard diary.



The Night Blogger was written and produced by Al Bruno III
Production assistance by Brian Mansi
The voice of the Night Blogger is Brian Mansi

Music by Josh Bruno

My story ‘Burma Shave’ was adapted for audio and produced by Moosedup Narrations
and Mr. Creepypasta

Music by Kevin MacLeod
DD Grove

Music by Myuuji
Moonlight Menschen

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Ashley Fowler


“How should I describe her? The first thing you notice is her hair, it was fire engine red; then there was her skin, pale and freckled. She wears a man’s suit and a leather jacket instead of a blazer. If I had to describe her style with a single tortured metaphor I would use ‘Heavy Metal Marlene Dietrich’. What are the facts about Ashley Fowler? There aren’t many that can be verified. You just have to glance at the society page to see that she’s rich and famous but who the Hell reads the society pages anymore? Gossip websites will occasionally talk about the celebrates and politicians that attend the lavish parties she hosts at her mansion in Saratoga. Dig a little deeper and you will learn that she was arrested and tried for murdering her father when she was twelve years old. She was never convicted, never acquitted, but after three disastrous mistrials the state of New York finally threw up its hands in disgust and called it quits.

The rumors about Ms. Fowler are even more interesting than the facts. There are rumors that she hosts orgies and blasphemous rites, there are rumors that she has a private aviary on the grounds of her estate where endangered owls feed on oversized rats- and vice versa. There were strong suspicions that she, or her employees, were responsible for some of the wilder revisions to the wikipedia pages the subject of angels and demonology.

Oh yeah, and one last thing about Ashley Fowler.

She thinks she’s the Devil.


I’m not kidding.

And sometimes, just sometimes, she seems to be able to back up those claims.” -Brian Foster