Sara Bishop

“How do I describe Sara Bishop? She’s pretty, not beautiful but pretty. She favors big skirts and peasant blouses and likes to keep her arms covered no matter the weather. Just talk to her for a few minutes and you’ll know she has a brave heart and a broken spirit; talk to her longer and you’ll realize she gave the first to someone that was careless with the latter.

A little while ago she approached me online and asked me about my work, I gently explained to her that this old blog of mine isn’t work. When you work you get paid and considering my recent run of arrests and fines this is costing me money. My job is working the counter at a pawn shop and occasionally writing articles for METROLAND. Thankfully she got a chuckle out of that, I so rarely make girls my own age chuckle anymore. Chuckles or not she still wanted to ask about my blunderings into the paranormal. I was evasive at first but then, finally, she told me what she was really after. She wanted to see a ghost- the ghost of Sara Bishop to be specific.

She wanted to play the Graveyard Game….” -Brian Foster