Mrs. Vincenzo


“I’d like to tell you about Claretha Vincenzo, my boss, landlady and occasional savior but to do that I need to tell you about her husband.

Joseph Vincenzo told anyone that would listen that he saw his pawn shop as a way to help the less fortunate in his community, that he felt what he did was no different than a bank or a credit union. What he didn’t tell anyone was that his little pawn shop also laundered money for the Polish Mafia.

A lot of people blamed his untimely death on his ties to organized crime but who am I to make such wild accusations? 

Maybe there is a perfectly rational explanation for why he drowned in raw sewage.

All Joseph’s left behind for his wife was a mountain of bills and a no longer mobbed up pawn shop. Other people might have sold everything, tried to start over someplace far away from all those bad memories. Not Mrs. Vincenzo though, she kept the pawn shop, she has a soft spot for lost causes.

I guess that explains why she puts up with me huh?”-Brian Foster

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