The Graveyard Game (and other cemetery plots) part two

Creepy clowns, first dates and just when you think things can’t get any worse the Devil shows up.

Written and produced by Al Bruno III
Production assistance by Brian Mansi
The voice of The Night Blogger is Brian Mansi
The  voice of Mike Whitehead is Mike Lehman
Music by Josh Bruno

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The Graveyard Game (and other cemetery plots) part two by The Night Blogger is licensed under a Creative Commons Licence.

Bus 55


“The powers that be will tell you that none of Albany’s buses run after midnight on a Sunday and anyone who says otherwise is crazy.

The problem is that people have seen a city bus prowling the streets in the hours before morning. They say its number is 55. They say its engine growls, its windows are filthy and the make and model are decades out of date. There are even some folks that say getting onto that bus is the last thing you’ll ever do.” -Brian Foster